Criminal Minds season 15 spotlight: The future for Dr. Tara Lewis

Criminal MindsUnfortunately Criminal Minds season 15 is still very much far away, but that’s not stopping us from showcasing another character in our spotlight series! For much of the past several weeks, we’ve taken an in-depth look at many different members of the BAU and what could be coming up for them. Within this particular piece, we’re specifically taking a look at Aisha Tyler as Dr. Tara Lewis.

While Tyler has not been a long-term mainstay of this series, she’s been essential over the past handful of seasons. Tara is fiercely intelligent, highly skilled, and she understands how criminals think perhaps more than just about anyone. She carries with her a psychological angle that is integral to the team’s success, and what’s been so much fun for us as a viewer is seeing Aisha in a whole new light. We tend to think of her more in a comedic light because of her past work; this is a different speed for her and she brings so much passion to the material. We’ve seen this character grow, and we’ve even seen Tyler go behind the scenes as a director.

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So where could the Tara character go from here over the final episodes of this season? Within the scope of this article, we want to do our best to try and figure that out! Consider this your guide to where Tara’s story could go as we inch towards the endgame — there are no spoilers ahead, so don’t worry about that.

1. Can we get a major spotlight story? – This feels almost rudimentary to ask, but with this final season being so short, we recognize that there are no guarantees that everyone is going to get that time where we see a character arc and they undergo a series of additional highs and lows. For Tara, that’s all we want — another chance to witness her evolution as a character. We’ll take this before we get too specific — though it’d be cool to learn about her employment history or some friendships outside of the BAU.

2. Is she at peace with her past? – We saw recently an emotional story where we met her ex and saw more of what she went through many years ago in her life. She seems to have moved on, but what sort of emotional scars are still there? Is she as open and willing to trust now because of that? She can move on from one case to the next without too much trouble, but it’s a little bit different when you are dealing with things that are important to you outside of the job.

Note that we don’t think Tara has to explore where she’s at via a love interest — there are so many different relationships that can define someone’s future. We just think that there is something so fascinating about trying to keep the normalcy amidst all of the madness that is in this show.

3. What is Tara’s role in stopping Everett Lynch? – We know that this guy is going to be a Big Bad for season 15 and one way or another, we want to see Tara take him on. Maybe she doesn’t have to face off against him in a physical capacity, but we think there’s room for an interesting mental battle where she goes toe-to-toe against him and is able to anticipate his every move. It would make for an interesting battle of strategy.

4. Will Tara remain at the BAU in the long-term? – By the end of the series finale, we would like to get a better sense as to precisely what her future is, and if she envisions herself staying in this position for the remainder of her career. She doesn’t have the same long-term history with the team, but maybe she has relationships here that she didn’t have anywhere else. Maybe this is finally her home.

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