MacGyver season 3 finale spoilers: Peter Weller to play Big Bad Mason

MacGyverIn case you’ve been wondering what’s going to happen on the MacGyver season 3 finale, we’ve now got a pretty good sense — and it’s also courtesy of a really bad dude.

According to a report from TVLine, former Robocop star and fantastic TV director extraordinaire Peter Weller will be appearing in the final episode of the season next month as Mason, a new, big-time villain for this show who is as serious a threat to MacGyver as anyone we’ve had a chance to meet. What apparently makes him so dangerous is actually everything that he’s got in common with the character — he’s probably a lot more like Mac than the character would ever want to admit, but the primary difference here is that he uses his powers for evil rather than good.

Speaking to the publication, here is what executive producer Peter M. Lenkov had to say on the subject:

“Ultimately, all roads are going to lead to Peter Weller being this Big Bad who — and I think it was [series lead] Lucas [Till] who came up with this — is basically a ‘bad MacGyver.’ He’s someone who has the same head as MacGyver, the same skills, but he uses it for nefarious purposes.”

If there’s a word that we’d use in order to describe this casting, it’s simply this: Awesome. We don’t know how to be more stoked about what CBS has put out into the universe here. Weller’s an incredible actor who plays dark, nefarious characters with the best of them, and we’ve long felt that MacGyver can benefit from getting as wide an arsenal of baddies out there as possible. Obviously, Murdoc and Helman are both great, but expanding horizons is important since you want to have options moving into the future. (Lenkov also notes to the publication that in the event that the show comes back for a season 4, there are plans to use Weller more.)

Weller already has some extensive knowledge of the entire Peter Lenkov universe. He has directed episodes of MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0, and Magnum PI in the past, in addition to appearing in the flesh on Five-0 as an actor. He’s a great example of someone actively working as a multifaceted artist, getting to transfer over from directing to acting whenever he wants and when he gets a great role that speaks to him.

As for whether or not we’re going to get that season 4 renewal so that we can see Weller a little bit more … that’s currently up in the air. We want to remain cautiously optimistic, though, largely because it’s hard to really think of another CBS show that the network could move to this timeslot and it would suddenly do as well as this one has.

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