The Flash season 5 episode 18 spoilers: Who is Godspeed on the show?

The Flash
Despite the fact that The Flash season 5 episode 18 is entitled “Godspeed,” the show has been very coy handing out information on this character. He is an iconic foe within the DC Comics world, but he’s not one that has been altogether teased on the show. There aren’t even any official photos online featuring the character!

Really, where we are right now is in a position where we’re getting a chance to see the show explore the blank slate of a speedster character, one who seems to be tied to Nora and could actually be more connected to her than anything that is going on in the present. For more, just check out what Danielle Panabaker (who directed this episode) had to say in an interview with TVLine:

I feel lucky that I get to do one if the few episodes this season that’s really about a villain speedster. Obviously, we have Reverse-Flash all season, but he’s not running, so I immediately called and asked for all the Godspeed comic books I could get my hands on. Godspeed is sort of Nora’s first foe [as a speedster] and I think there’s something really special about that.

Much of “Godspeed” the episode will be set in the future, hence why Barry will be paying a visit to Eobard within that timeline. Might Godspeed be the reason why there is a future version of Cicada running around within present-day Central City? That’s the easy assumption to make for the time being, mostly because we don’t know precisely how that character is running around in this world otherwise.

The one tinge of disappointment we feel here about Godspeed being mostly a Nora villain is that we don’t know whether or not this character is going to be a part of the show moving into season 6. Therefore, this may be it for this character and he could be almost for Nora what Reverse-Flash is for Barry. We’d been wondering if we’re meant to see Godspeed now almost as an introduction to him being a Big Bad for season 5, but that may not be the case based on this. Instead, we could be moving close instead to seeing Red Death get established in that role. That’s not even a certainty, either, but we at least know that this is a comic-book character who is being established within this world per the Flash Museum. There is a larger story still to tell there, though it’s a bit perplexing just how much the writers of The Flash are going to be able to make use of a version of Bruce Wayne, given how omnipresent the character is already in other mediums.

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