‘Bones’ season 8 spoilers: The zoo debate in new sneak peek

We have been talking about Monday night’s new episode of “Bones” for quite some time now, but with now just over 24 hours to go, it’s time to share some more actual footage showing off just what you can expect from the hour.

When it comes to some basic details, here’s what you have to know: the hour is entitled “The Tiger in the Tale,” and it revolves around a death that ends up drawing Bones and Booth close to an industry that is both dangerous as well as secret for most average Americans: the trade of endangered species as pets on the black market. Who really wants a tiger as a pet? Strangely, some people do, and it forces them to grow up in an environment that is far from ideal.

Before we really dive too deep into this story, though, we have to talk at least a little bit about the hilarious circumstance in which Booth and Bones first find out about the case: they are right in the middle of a debate about whether or not Bones should ever run for president. She does have some good points when it comes to her qualifications, but Booth is smart to of course bring up one very major con: it’s hard to imagine someone who was a fugitive from the government for many years ultimately getting a green light to get into the White House.

Once this case does come along, we are going to see it become a bit of a passionate discussion for the two characters about some other important topics, including whether or not Christine should be allowed to visit a zoo. For Booth, these were valuable moments of his childhood; however, Brennan objects to the idea of animals being held in captivity.

Are you excited to see this episode?

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