The Good Doctor season 3 spotlight: The future of Dr. Neil Melendez

Dr. Neil MelendezFor the next few weeks of its hiatus, we’re going to be continuing our ongoing The Good Doctor season 3 spotlight series — and today, we’ve especially got some great stuff to discuss when it comes to Dr. Neil Melendez!

Through the past two seasons, we’ve come to know and have a great deal of appreciation for Nicholas Gonzalez’s character within the show. He’s an accomplished doctor and, when you look at him, a guy you would think would have everything figured out. He’s successful, smart, and seems to have a pretty good grasp of what he wants out of his life … and yet there’s something missing. Maybe it’s that constant need to achieve more and more, or maybe it’s still a yearning for a larger sense of family around him.

Within this article, we’re going to share some of our specific hopes in regards to Dr. Melendez moving forward — there are so many different directions this character can go, especially when you think about what happened in season 2.

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Will he have any regrets about the Chief of Surgery position? – At the end of season 2, he did an extremely giving thing and allowed the position to go to Dr. Lim — as a matter of fact, he even encouraged it to happen! That showed a certain nature of his heart, but we do also wonder if this is a decision that down the road, he starts to regret since he could’ve had a chance at getting. Will the jealousy get to him? It’s understandable to be flawed and second-guess some choices that you perhaps made in the past.

Where are things now when it comes to Dr. Melendez and Dr. Lim? – By her deciding to accept the Chief of Surgery job, it does put their romantic relationship in a tough position — the power structure is different and they each recognize that this could mean the end of them being together. Or, will it be? Are they going to move to make it a little bit more behind the scenes? Given that Neil wants kids — it’s a big part of why he and Jessica didn’t work — we do think that he will move fairly quickly when it comes to whatever his romantic future is.

Can we see more of Neil’s past? – We’d love to have an episode where we explore much of his backstory, the people who matter to him the most, and also some of his influences. In a lot of ways, it feels like we know this character rather well; yet, there are more things that are still worth exploration.

What scares him? – Will a medical case that comes in actually give him pause or make him concerned that he won’t be able to figure it out? What makes him vulnerable beyond what we’ve already seen? Every character has some flaws and there is some value in getting to explore some of Neil’s. Also, don’t we all win when Gonzalez gets some emotional material?

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