HBO GO crashes during Game of Thrones premiere internationally

Game of ThronesWell, you shouldn’t be surprised by any of this: Game of Thrones has met another rival come premiere night, and it’s HBO GO. That’s especially the case if you are in certain parts of the world (especially Latin America).

Tonight, a number of customers of the service have complained about struggling to access the service, and this is far from the first time that it’s happened for a premiere episode of Game of Thrones. So why does this happen? It’s mostly just a function of servers being hit with an extreme amount of traffic in a super-short period of time. It’s not something that HBO really has to deal with at any other point in the year — really, they haven’t had to deal with it in almost two years when you think about when Game of Thrones season 7 first aired.

Of course, where things get a tad bit confusing is that the HBO GO service in America doesn’t seem to have as many widespread outages, but they are the one who have to redirect traffic to the right people just because their Twitter handle is the easiest one to access.

In the end, everything will work out just fine — they almost always do. We almost feel like sometimes with Game of Thrones, it’s better to just wait 15-20 minutes sometimes and check back when things are cooling off a little bit for the servers. Obviously, the real struggle there is seeing if you can stay off of social media for long enough to avoid all of the spoilers that are floating around out there in that span of time. We think that the server load will get a little bit easier as time goes on … at least until we get around to the big series finale. At that point, everything could hit the fan since we’re talking about one of the most-watched events in premium cable history. We’re insanely curious to know just what the ratings for it are going to be, though we are still curious to see what the ratings will be tomorrow.

Luckily, HBO can thank its lucky stars that it has a product that is so good, people will still subscribe even if they have to deal with an outage here and there. Game of Thrones is a show worth waiting for … that’s why so many people have been sitting around since 2017 in the first place for more!

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Of course, stay tuned for more news on all things Game of Thrones — we hope that you’re enjoying the premiere tonight, if you’re able to check it out. (Photo: HBO.)

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