The Magicians season 4 finale promo: The idea of death

The Magicians - SyfyFor its upcoming season 4 finale, The Magicians seems to be doing its best to prepare for one emotional gut-punch after another.

Could something be happening to Quentin and Eliot in this episode? Is there a dramatic twist coming? Are we going to be left crying between seasons? All of these feel like reasonable questions based on the content of this past episode, coupled with the promo that you can see below for “No Better To Be Safe Than Sorry.”

The thing to remember about The Magicians , in general, is that they did not get where they are by being safe. If that was their primary M.O. entering this series’ run, then we never would have made it this far. We’d be at a point where there was just a sense of drifting along with no other worlds to explore or feelings to embrace. We’d never be where we are with Quentin. The Magicians giveth, and The Magicians taketh away.

You know what we wish that they would give us a little bit more of? An actual synopsis, given that at the moment, Syfy isn’t exactly being altogether liberal when it comes to handing out details. Here’s what we’ve got: “Quentin and Josh get cake; Quentin reflects on his actions.” Sure, Syfy’s never been particularly verbose when setting up their episodes, but this? That’s enough to pound your head against the nearest wall.

The one bit of silver lining that you’ve got

No matter what happens, good or bad, within this upcoming episode, you do still have a good sense that The Magicians is coming back for more. There was already a season 5 renewal announced earlier this year and it’s actually been refreshing to have that in the back of our minds the past couple of months. We’ve been able to just dive into the show and enjoy it without a whole lot of fear of the wheels coming off. Maybe that is a concern that we will have to revisit as we inch a little bit closer to season 5 airing, but it’s not something worth thinking about right now. The next few days can be reserved exclusively for enjoying the show in all of its weird, visual wonder … and then also worry about the future, since that’s the feeling that they clearly want us to feel in the pit of our stomach at the moment.

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