The Village season 2 renewal debate: Is there a chance for more on NBC?

The VillageIs there a chance for The Village season 2 at NBC, and is it too early to even form a firm opinion here? We like to think that we’re far enough into the show’s run now to render some sort of a verdict, and that is precisely what we’re doing within this piece!

Before we even talk about the ratings, let’s kick things off by mentioning some of what NBC liked about this show in the first place — a chance to craft something similar in tone to This Is Us that they could use to get some of those same viewers who like to ugly-cry at their television on a weekly basis. They tried this last year with Rise, and there are already other networks looking to get into this business. The success of one show often does impact what network executives are looking to do with some of their others.

Is The Village a commercial success at the moment? Here’s where things get a little bit tricky — this is a show averaging only a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic through its first handful of episodes. If this was a show that was airing on Friday night, maybe it would be given a larger chance to succeed. However, because of where it airs and also the high ratings NBC has for some of their other shows, it’s a reason to have a little more doubt … especially since it’s only aired one episode so far without This Is Us as a lead-in to begin with. There’s a chance for this number to go down and if this show hits a 0.6, it’s more or less done.

What can be done to help it? The biggest bit of advice that we can offer is simply this: If you love The Village, watch it live and tell others to do the same. We understand that it’s 2019, and the preference for a good 99% of viewers is to just sit around one afternoon and watch the entire run of a show without commercials. We get that, but you also have to get that this is often not the best thing in order to ensure a series’ long-term success. Make sure, no matter how you watch it, to spread some love via social media or just in some conversations with your friends. Maybe get your own village together in order to watch The Village since that could be a good way in order to keep it around.

The biggest point that we can make here is that if you’re interested in having this show around for a while, it’s imperative that you spread the word now — it’s not something that you can shout from a bullhorn in a month when there may not be any time left to change it.

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