NCIS season 16 episode 20 photo: Questions for Gibbs

NCISTuesday night’s NCIS season 16 episode 20 is going to be a great one for Mark Harmon, even if it’s not a good one for Gibbs. What’s at the foundation of it? Just think along the lines of a case that stems far back into the past.

Throughout “Hail & Farewell,” Gibbs is going to have to contend with a surprising murder victim who has some ties to him dating back well over a decade — to go along with that, there is specific evidence (i.e. blood) that links him to a case. Is Gibbs being confronted about it in the photo above? That’s one read one it; another may just be that he is being asked some tough questions, or is in the process of trying to explain himself to Bishop, Torres, and McGee.

No matter what he’s doing, all of the information out there about this episode at present suggests that this is going to be a case where he has to protect himself in a way that he is not particularly used to doing. He’s going to have all eyes on him, so he may need to do whatever he can to divert that. Meanwhile, NCIS may find itself as an institution doing whatever it can in order to protect him, even if that means removing him from the case. Is it really possible that Gibbs is responsible for murder? We don’t think that, and we also don’t think that anyone else on the team thinks that. The main issue at play here is one of trying to make sure there are no snags in the investigation because of who Gibbs is and how he’s connected to the victim. That’s why it may be best for the team to send him away so there are not obvious conflicts of interest.

While it may not be the easiest thing in the world for Gibbs to do, we think he’d be well-suited to just remember that he’s trained some of his colleagues well. There’s no reason for him to think that they are incapable of going out into the field and completely delivering results on this investigation. They will follow his rules and do precisely whatever he can in order to help the victim’s family get the justice that they so seek. “Hail & Farewell” is in itself a part of ceremony, and a way to recognize both arrivals and departure. One way or another, that will be tied into the larger element of military tradition in this episode. We foresee it as more about that than whether or not Gibbs is guilty of something.

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