Designated Survivor season 3: How Lucifer premiere date impacts future

Designated Survivor season 2 episode 2Earlier this week, the status of one previously-canceled-but-now-at-Netflix show in Lucifer was cemented. It’s going to be returning to the air come Wednesday, May 8.

So now that this is cemented, where are things going to be happening with the other revived network show in Designated Survivor? To use a sports analogy, the Kiefer Sutherland series is now officially on the clock.

One thing that we should certainly mention here is that there was never really that much of a belief that we were going to be seeing Designated Survivor premiere before Lucifer, given that the latter wrapped filming earlier and was also saved considerably earlier last year. Even if Lucifer may have more digital effects that need to be added after the fact, its timeline was just considerably accelerated beyond what Designated Survivor was.

Yet, seeing the return date for Lucifer does give us a slightly better sense of what Netflix could do with their other acquisition. For starters, they may not be solely interested in giving the show a launch date on Fridays. There are more options now! With Lucifer premiering on a Wednesday, this does show that Netflix may look to give Designated Survivor a time that they feel suits it as opposed to one that just fits a certain window for what they’ve done in the past. Premiering on Wednesdays may also be a wise move to help preserve the series during what is a pretty busy summer movie season. If viewers are going to be off doing other things on Fridays, why wait until Fridays to premiere?

We also do think that the new Lucifer premiere date is somewhat of a signal that Designated Survivor could be coming a little bit earlier than we expected — after all, Lucifer in a lot of ways did! We weren’t sold that Netflix were going to premiere the show until after May sweeps was over on network TV and because of this, we could easily see Designated Survivor season 3 angling for either a late May/early June launch. Odds are, Netflix has already figured out about when they are premiering the show and now, are just formulating whatever their specific launch plans are going to be for the new season. We know that this show is a little more under-the-radar than a lot of their other hits, but with House of Cards over, they do need a little more of a political show to get people talking — plus, with a real-life Presidential election happening, we think the attention surrounding this show’s season 3 narrative is going to be ramping up in a spectacular way over the months ahead.

There’s a lot to be psyched about with Designated Survivor season 3 — we just have to endure a lot of waiting before we make it to that point.

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When are you hoping to see Designated Survivor launch with season 3, now that we’ve gotten the glorious news on Lucifer? Share right now in the comments, and we’ll update this with more news once we’ve got it. (Photo: ABC.)

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