Is Samantha Smith leaving Supernatural, and is Mary Winchester dead?

MaryLast night on Supernaturalwe saw the CW series set the stage for what could be an epic showdown to close off this season, and then potentially the series down the road. As a way to add some gasoline to the fire, a major character within the series’ lore is now also gone. Mary Winchester is no longer with us.

Pending some sort of surprise cameo, we’re meant to interpret this past episode as the final one for Samantha Smith on the CW series — with the character now within the afterlife, she has a chance to achieve a level of peace and understanding that maybe she never had before. Mary’s death now comes about shortly after the events of “Lebanon,” where Sam and Dean had a chance to bring the entire Winchester family back together with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s return as John. They had that moment, and nothing can ever take that moment away from them. There was bound to be tragedy at some point following it, and difficult as it may be, this is the tragedy that makes the most sense. We can’t lose Sam and Dean before the end of the series, and if Jack is on the road to becoming a potential villain, we needed to see something drastic happen. That very thing is coming your way courtesy of his role in Mary’s death.

Did Jack mean to really kill her? No, and that shows the frailty of this character. Yet, it doesn’t fully matter whether or not his actions were intentional; what matters more is how he deals with the aftermath of them and the ugliness that is almost sure to spawn out of it. What we’re looking at now is a situation where Sam and Dean may not trust him the way that they did, and this may lead in turn to Jack distrusting them further. The entire situation is fairly heartbreaking just because we’ve seen the sort of person Jack can be, but all of this feels almost akin to a supervillain origin story.

By the end of the finale, we would be shocked if the stage is set for Jack to be a formidable rival in the final season … the only other worthy option for the final season seems to be exploring The Empty and its significance within the larger universe. After all, it is one of the things that was there even before the existed of God or The Darkness, and it may be the thing that remains after everything is said and done.

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Is it possible Mary could still return?

Sure — in the world of Supernatural, anything else. Yet, we have to take Smith’s farewell message from Twitter last night with a certain degree of seriousness and assume that we really are at the end of the road as we know it when it comes to this character. If this is it, we’ll miss her — but are also rather pleased that she stuck around as long as she did over the past couple of years.

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