The Blacklist season 6 episode 16 video: Reddington’s revenge tour

BlacklistComing up on The Blacklist season 6 episode 16, Raymond Reddington is out for blood — and not exactly against his enemies. Instead, we’re talking more about some of his former friends.

In the sneak peek below (via Rotten Tomatoes), what you can see is Reddington arranging what some of his upcoming plans are for some of the people who have wronged him. He’s got the time to focus on them now, after all — he’s been out of prison for a while now, and we certainly think that he’s now getting his bearings and preparing for more for whatever he wants to do next.

We know that Raymond loves his lists, right? The show’s titled what it is for a reason, and the last thing anyone should want to do is be on one of these said lists. The list of “people I want to destroy” could be wrong, and unlike The Blacklist, we actually know who is standing at the end of this one #1: The person who Reddington views responsible for turning him in to begin with. We know that person to be none other than Elizabeth Keen, and if he holds firm to what he’s saying here, the fact that could befall Liz coming up is one equivalent to death … or somehow, even worse.

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So beyond what’s going on with Liz at the moment, there’s another component to Reddington’s revenge plot that he doesn’t even know about, one who is on this plane with him in Dembe. This is a character who has known a thing or two about what’s really going on here, but he hasn’t bothered to further that information on to Reddington. He’s kept a secret, which shows a good bit in terms of how he feels about Liz — he may not trust her or care about her like he does Reddington, but he does feel a certain kinship there. It just so happens that this kinship could also get him killed if, for whatever reason, it comes out at a most-inopportune time.

Consider this sneak peek setting the table for what’s coming up … and it may very well be a table stuffed with knives and other dangerous stuff. There’s a lot of backstabbing coming on Friday night’s episode and based on what we know right now, stuff could get a little bit ugly.

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