‘Saturday Night Live’ preview: Expectations for Daniel Craig, Muse

This weekend’s edition of “Saturday Night Live” is coming up after a week-long hiatus, and there are some questions that come with this. Will the show address at length the debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama? We have to think so, and we also have to imagine that Big Bird will somehow be involved in it.

In addition to all of this, we also have a host in Daniel Craig who to many has quite a bit to prove. He mostly sticks to dramatic movies these days; can he be funny? Based on the promo that we have seen, we’re betting on it. He also seems to be game for making fun of his own personality, in addition to his own iconic role of James Bond. Like with any other host, though, Craig will only be as strong as the material that they give him. When it came to the show two weeks ago with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, they really did not give him that much to do. In addition to that, even Seth MacFarlane the first week was relegated mostly to a Stewie impression in his opening monologue and then a bit as Ryan Lochte during “Weekend Update.”

We said this earlier in the week, but we’re saying it again: it’s time for Stefon to make a return visit. Even more so that the Devil or Drunk Uncle, Bill Hader’s “guide to tourist attractions” is probably the most-popular recurring guest to sit alongside Seth Meyers, and he is uproarious. We either need this or “The Miley Cyrus Show,” just something that gives us a reminder of some of the comedy from last season. (Please, just don’t bring back the Scared Straight sketch again. It’s never been funny.)

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