‘The Amazing Race 21’ preview: Gary & Will have trouble with balloons

Typically when you think of balloons, you often like to associate them with such happy things as smiling children or the carnival. Unfortunately, on Sunday night’s new episode of “The Amazing Race” they may actually be better associated with being a part of one of the most miserable challenges out there as the remaining teams head to Indonesia.

We’re not entire sure what the actual task is based on the two previews below, but it looks to be a roadblock that involves some sort of pedaling while you are also trying to make some sort of balloon hat for a young passenger. This sounds hard just in theory (especially if you are like us and have trouble blowing up balloons), and it is even harder when you actually have to do it. Gary & Will seem to struggle the most with it, and this makes us incredibly sad. Why? We really like these guys. We don’t see as many “superfans” on this show as we would like, and the fact that they have applied to be on the show for a third of its total seasons suggests to us that they really want it. In addition to that, we can’t imagine that substitute teachers make a great deal of money, and these two could totally use it more than some of the other teams that are still out on the race.

Then again, there is only one team that this promo guarantees is actually in front of them, so anything could still happen. We’re personally still holding our hopes high, mostly because the team that “The Amazing Race” highlights in its previews is often not the one going home.

Who are you rooting for out of the teams currently racing? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below.

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