Is This Is Us new tonight on NBC? Four season 4 questions

This Is Us season 3Is This Is Us new tonight on NBC? Within this article, of course we’ve got answers! But, we’re not going to end with that, since we’ve also got questions — many questions — all about the long-term future of the Pearson family and this franchise.

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While it would be great to trumpet from the rooftop that there is another installment of the family drama tonight, here’s a hearty dose of reality: It’s not happening. Why? It all comes down to last week’s episode “Her” being the finale, and the last one until the fall. Before you even say anything, yes it is a brutal way for us to end the season with there still being so many questions. We know Rebecca is still alive, but what about some other characters? What about the professional future of a lot of these people? Below, we’ve assembled four questions that we believe to be the most pressing as we further along our wait for the season 4 premiere.

1. Who is the mother of Kevin’s son? – Right when it was clear that Kevin’s relationship with Zoe was falling apart over her lack of interest in being a mom, we’ve learned now in the future that Kevin is a dad! Yet, we haven’t seen future Kevin in the flesh, and nor do we know of he is still with his son’s mother. Could Sophie find her way back into the picture? While it seems like she’s moving on and happy, can you ever rule her out with the history that is there between the two.

2. Is Kate actually dead? – We know that at least two of the Big Three are still alive, but neither Toby nor anyone else confirmed in the future that she is still around. We don’t think that This Is Us is meant to be that show that just swings around the Grim Reaper’s scythe from start to finish, but people do die. That’s a part of life and it’s something we have to accept as a possibility for Kate here.

3. Why is Nicky there with Rebecca? – It seems as though he and Rebecca have grown closer, even after it also felt like he was ready to move forward with his life rather than become BFFs with the Pearsons after the “Songbird Road” saga. Obviously, there was a great deal that happened that eventually brought the family closer together and through this upcoming episode, we’re certainly curious to learn more as to precisely what that is. It also may signal that something has transpired in regards to Miguel and Rebecca’s relationship … or to Miguel himself.

4. Where are Randall’s other kids? – We’ve seen a good bit of Tess in the future; yet, there hasn’t been so much of a sighting for either Annie or Deja. Annie is in a whole lot of ways the forgotten This Is Us character — where are the big storylines for her? It’s often easy to just forget that she’s even there!

Technically, This Is Us hasn’t been renewed as of yet for a fourth season, but we know that it’s coming. Beyond just that, we’re expecting it firmly to be back on the air when we get around to this fall.

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