Criminal Minds season 15: Matthew Gray Gubler on Jane Lynch’s return

Jane LynchThere is a lot of great stuff ahead on Criminal Minds season 15, but one of the best things coming up is getting a chance for a few more moments courtesy of Jane Lynch as Reid’s mother Diana. She’s had a long, emotional journey on the show with her son, as she has battled Alzheimer’s and a number of other issues over the series’ run. Through this one final appearance, there is going to be a chance for some closure; beyond that, also getting a chance to see Diana potentially offer some advice for her son. Just think about what he’s going through in the midst of JJ’s confession at the end of the season 14 finale. While Diana may have some moments where she struggles, she’s also had some where she is surprisingly lucid.

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While promoting his new book Rumple Buttercup in a new interview with Parade, here is some of what Matthew Gray Gubler had to say about this reunion:

I don’t want to give too much away, but it is definitely happy. Reid has been through a Greek-level of tragedy. It’s fair to say that he rivals even the greats like Ophelia and Oedipus, so I see a happy ending in store for Reid, which is something that we’re all looking forward to, including with his mom.

We definitely do think that a happy ending is the best course of action for this character, and also the one that he really deserves. We know that there is a potential new love interest entering the fold for him this season, and what makes that so effective from a writing point of view is that it takes a little bit of pressure off of the whole JJ situation. There are other options there and ways for him to be happy, but we don’t even want to overly generalize here and say that the only way for Reid to be happy is if he ends up with someone. This is a smart, highly-evolved character with a great job and wonderful friends. Having a romantic relationship may be a path to happiness, but it’s not the only path. The most important thing is that Reid loves himself and he feels like he’s moving in the right direction.

We only wish that there was a sense of clarity as we inched ever closer to a season 15 premiere date. None is official at CBS at the moment — we’d love for there to be something this fall, but we don’t want to circle that in permanent marker before we hear from CBS.

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