‘2 Broke Girls’ season 2, episode 3 preview: Han’s big surprise (video)

Monday night’s new episode of “2 Broke Girls” is going to have quite a bit going on, but what really may be the most interesting part of this episode involves a character that was a year ago someone who was both frustrating and infuriating: Han.

We really felt bad at times for Matthew Moy last season, who had to play a character last season who was really just known for his ethnicity and very little else. However, the producers started to really change this at the end of last season, and he’s become a little bit more interesting as a result. As a matter of fact, Monday’s episode is going to feature a side of the character that very few knew about before, and it comes as a result of the famous diner being robbed.

However, the new sneak peek for the episode down not specifically show off what is happening when it comes to the robbery; instead, it is the debate that comes up in regards to his age. For whatever reason, both Max and Caroline thought he was 53 years old based on the way in which he dresses and how cheap he is with running the place. As it turns out, though, Han is only 29 years old, and is still trying to find a way to deal with some problems that everyone can relate to when it comes to family.

Will this be the episode that really gets Max and Caroline closer to getting their cupcake business off the ground? Probably not, but we still have a feeling that it will be entertaining to watch.

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