‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ spoilers: First video of Adam Levine

Want to see some more craziness from “American Horror Story: Aslyum”? Luckily for you, we have a brand-new trailer that is showing off for the first time Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan Tatum’s characters. They were not in the first video released last week, even if that did give us a good taste at the show’s setting.

Is it possible that Levine and Tatum are actually going to be appearing in the show’s present? Based on how the trailer is set up, we are starting to believe this is the case as the two (known as “the lovers”) act as eager tourists looking to visit the Briarcliff establishment that they have heard so much about. Plus, they want to do it in creepy places … which is a little bit weird.

As for the rest of this teaser, let’s just say that there is some major creepiness running rampant here inside of the mental institution run by Jessica Lange’s character. Really, the role that we are the most interested in seeing at the moment is the one played by Sarah Paulson, who seems to be playing an investigative reporter hoping to uncover some of the asylum’s biggest secrets. However, in the process she goes from being someone interested in the establishment to a patient at it … and also learns just what it means to be tortured. Typically, people enter such asylums because they are in need of treatment for their insanity; however, this seems to be more of a place in which you are put in to make yourself go insane.

After watching this trailer, are you feeling confident both in the abilities of Adam Levine as an actor and Ryan Murphy as a storyteller yet again? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

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