Is Magnum PI new tonight on CBS? Four season 2 hopes

Magnum PIIs Magnum PI new tonight on CBS? Within this article, CarterMatt is going to let you know as well as a lot of other exciting stuff when it comes to the show!

Let’s get the bad news out of the way right now: We’re not getting more of Jay Hernandez and the rest of the cast for a while. Last week’s new episode was the final one of the season and because of that, we’re now going to be forced to wait most likely until the fall to see what’s coming up next. There is no official premiere date just yet for the next batch of episodes, but that’s not really the focus of this article in the first place. Instead, what we’re casting more of the focus on is some of the cool stuff the writers are going to be throwing your way during the next batch of episodes. We have four different expectations within, and we hope that you enjoy reading these as much as we did writing them.

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1. Magnum and Higgins working a little more closely together – Partnerships are some of what executive producer Peter M. Lenkov does best. Think in terms of Steve and Danny on Hawaii Five-0 or MacGyver and Jack for the first two and a half seasons of MacGyver. We’re getting there with Mac and Desi, but partnerships don’t sprout overnight. We’ve seen enough of Magnum and Higgins together at this point to love their chemistry and their rapport; now, the writers just need to build on this and blossom it into one of the best relationships on TV. We want humor, we want passion, and we want a near-constant sense of fun. Let’s hope that the show packages all of that together for us in season 2.

2. A good Big Bad – Every show needs some great villains, and we had that (sort of) in season 1 with Hannah … who really just turned out to be misunderstood more so than evil. It’d be nice now for Magnum to get more of his own Murdoc or Wo Fat through season 2, someone the show could rely on to really make things more intense when the situation called for it.

3. More cases that get everyone involved – While we’ve enjoyed some of the Rick and TC subplots, it would be cool to get a few more cases in season 2 that get these characters (plus Katsumoto and Kumu) all involved in something at the same exact time. It adds to that family feeling, though Magnum PI is probably one of the more dysfunctional crime TV families that you’re ever going to find within this world.

4. A proper Hawaii Five-0 crossover – At one point, we know that there was a hope to do something with this, but it didn’t fully pan out for the first season. With season 2 having more lead-up time, we certainly think that there’s a better chance to find a way to make this work. It doesn’t need to be a huge two-part story, but we’d at least like to see Magnum and McGarrett meet at some point!

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