The Big Bang Theory season 12: Don’t expect Kunal Nayyar spin-off

The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 18 review -Following the end of The Big Bang Theory season 12, there are absolutely going to be conversations out there about potential spin-offs. Really it’s already happening now with all sorts of questions surrounding possible characters and ways to make something happen.

One of the spin-offs that we personally have been on our soap box about is one themed around Kunal Nayyar’s Raj. Why him? There’s just a natural likability in that character, especially when you think back to where he started. He’s the least fully-formed character of the original gang and if you wanted to tell more stories about his life and where he’s at there’s so much gold there to be mined. He would bring in the viewers without a doubt, which is the sort of thing that a proper spin-off series to the main series would need — other than something with the core cast, just about every other iteration of the greater Big Bang universe would be a roll of the 20-sided die.

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However, here’s one of the big issues that we have to report on when it comes to doing a Big Bang Theory – Raj spin-off show — he may not be altogether into the idea. Speaking in a new interview on that subject via Deadline, Kunal Nayyar himself said that he is ready to check out some other things in his career rather than to just continue to play this particular astrophysicist for the next few years of his career:

“I’m taking those cargo pants and burning them … I need a little bit of a break, as much as I’d miss playing that character. I’m ready to move on to different things now.”

It’s absolutely understandable for Nayyar to want a new direction, just as it’s also very much clear at this point that he does not actually need to ever work again. Because of the immense piles of money that he’s made during the series run, that affords him and all of his co-stars an opportunity to take some big creative swings and some risks with future jobs. We also do think it benefits Kunal that he doesn’t necessarily look that much like his character in real life when he’s got the scruff and a different outfit. He can morph into just about any character and that may help him from being typecast and thought of as yet another dimension of the same exact guy we’ve seen before.

Our thinking is simply this: Enjoy the rest of The Big Bang Theory without worrying too much about if there’s a proper spin-off for X character or Y character. There is going to be plenty of time to take on some of this stuff a little bit more down the road; it’s not like interest in this idea is ever going to really wane.

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