Claws season 3 trailer: Is Virginia alive? The craziness to come

ClawsLeading up to its big premiere on June 9, TNT has unleashed upon us the first Claws season 3 trailer (which CarterMatt has for you to check out below) … and it’s crazy. Maybe it’s crazy-fun, or maybe it’s just crazy-crazy. It’s hard to really decide but one way or another it does feel abundantly clear that we’re in for one of the most mad-cap, entertaining batches of episodes that we’ve had a chance to see so far.

We don’t want to beat around the bush here, given what we put in the title of this article and the fact that at the end of season 2, the writers through a BIG ol’ curveball into the show with possibly killing off Karrueche Chan’s character of Virginia. As it turns out, though, she’s alive! She’s present in the trailer, albeit sporting a rather notable new accessory, and it still feels like she’s going to have a lot of relevancy in Desna’s nail salon/criminal empire/whatever you want to call it these days.

At this point, it does feel clear that Desna isn’t running from the concept of calling a spade a spade anymore. She’s recognizing what she’s running and isn’t shying away from it. This is an enterprise, one that involves danger, guns, money, and probably all sorts of dangerous characters who are going to be popping in and out wanting a certain piece of the pie. We understand her resistance to this at times in the past, given her hope to take care of her brother Dean and also probably just not wanting to die. Pretty powerful motivator there.

Yet, there’s obviously another thing worth thinking about right now in just this is who she is. Once you’ve had that little taste of power, how do you move away from it? It’s like someone giving you a Bentley and driving you to Chanel to buy whatever you want and ending the day at Nobu for dinner and then telling you to go back to your regular life afterwards. You’re so used to having it and experiencing it that it’s hard to just bounce back in a world where it’s gone … especially if you’re in denial about what this world is actually doing to you. If Desna’s got some confidence that this is doing nothing bad for her at all, then she’s going to embrace it and keep going. It may end up being someone else who tells her when she’s going too deep, and we’re worried already that everyone will be too busy doing their Scrooge McDuck leaps into piles of money that they won’t be concerned enough for their actual life.

Of course, for all of us as viewers Desna having a chaotic life = good for business. If all was good and she was safe, we wouldn’t have much of a show, now would we?

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What do you think about this first Claws season 3 trailer at TNT, and is there any specific stuff that you want to see as this show keeps pushing forward? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: TNT.)

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