Saturday Night Live cold open: Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) returns!

SNLThis weekend’s Saturday Night Live cold open is bringing to the table something a little more unpredictable. Last week, it felt almost like a foregone conclusion that we had to get something related to the Mueller report. It was dominating the news, plus SNL had given it so much airtime that they had to find a way to carry that through.

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Tonight, however, there were a few more options — the series could opt to focus more on some other Trump Administration headlines, or actually start to hone in on the 2020 Democratic pack for really the first time. As it turns out, they did the latter, and with Jason Sudeikis back as Joe Biden! Given the headlines surrounding some of his physical contact with people over the years, it made sense for the show to take this on. Getting Sudeikis, one of the most-underrated cast members in the show’s history, back for this was the icing on the cake.

Here, Biden got himself some sensitivity training courtesy of Kate McKinnon’s character. His staff wasn’t able to contain him, so they wanted to make sure that they got him a little bit of additional help.

Who was the SNL portrayal of Biden?

We think that the show’s still got some work to do if they want to make him a viable character moving forward, but we think that their presentation of him moving forward is as a guy who means well for the country, but also a guy who has a routine habit of making the same mistake and not really learning from it in the process.

Was this actually happen?

It wasn’t hilarious since it was basically the same joke over and over again until you were sick to even see it mentioned, but we of course were glad to get Sudeikis back and the show needs to figure out its angle on the 2020 contenders sooner rather than later. We’ve already seen their Elizabeth Warren on a few occasions, but they need to figure out more with Beto O’Rourke if he ends up being a big-time player here. Of course, the SNL version of Bernie Sanders is already VERY well-documented, and it’s probably just a matter of time until Larry David returns to the show. Maybe he’ll have a chance to come back to the finale … but there’s no word on that just yet. (We are going to be getting Adam Sandler back as a host for the first time next March.)

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