Outlander season 5: How Jamie should handle Tryon problem

OutlanderAs we enter Outlander season 5, it feels abundantly clear that Jamie’s got himself in a pickle — and it’s not one of those pickles that you like to eat, either. This one is rancid and it’s going to put a massive stink over any hopes that he had to have a happy existence with his family.

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There’s obviously something relaxing about the idea of Jamie traversing off to Fraser’s Ridge and having a loving, peaceful existence with Claire, Brianna, and Roger — then you remember it’s Outlander and nothing is ever that peaceful. Governor Tryon is the wicked debt collector of this story, and he’s showing up deviously scratching his chin and preparing to wreak all sorts of havoc — though in the Governor’s mind, he’s probably unaware of most of it. He doesn’t know what Jamie is asking when he wants him to go after Murtagh and build himself an army. He just considers it a part of the deal, something that Jamie should apply oblige.

For Jamie, though, he has to find a way to jump on that high wire and make sure he doesn’t get knocked off. He doesn’t want Tryon or his men to come and arrest him or his family; meanwhile, he’s also not going to want to kill Murtagh.

What should he do? Maybe there are a few possible outcomes that he can think about immediately, and others that could surface a little bit further on down the road.

1. Fake Murtagh’s death, and have him go into hiding – Maybe you build some sort of secret room for him at Fraser’s Ridge so that if the British ever arrive, he can tuck himself away there. Or, maybe he gets some sort of secret compound elsewhere. Sure, it’s not a perfect life if your’s Murtagh, but isn’t it better than the alternative?

2. Send Murtagh on the road – Maybe he can go live at Shadow Lake alongside Young Ian, or just find a way outside of North Carolina to another community. Maybe he could go back to Scotland, but we don’t really see this as a character wanting to run away from this problem. He’s not going to want to die, but we don’t foresee a situation where writing Duncan Lacroix out of the show by making the character leave for somewhere far away is good for anyone.

3. Have Jamie stall – Maybe this is the most practical solution, one where he can act like he’s looking for Murtagh and he’s just terrible at it and can’t find a lot of people to work with him. Maybe claim that he’s contracted some rare illness that’s making him slow and cranky. Maybe claim that Murtagh is wily and has some sort of secret super-speed (okay, maybe don’t do the latter). He can at least buy some time until he can form a larger plan of attack, including getting nearer to the revolution Claire will tell him about.

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