The Amazing Race 31 cast reaction: Britney & Janelle, Eliza & Corinne, more

Amazing Race 31After months and months of waiting, CBS has officially confirmed The Amazing Race 31 and its cast — and even sped up the premiere date! The show’s now coming up on Wednesday, April 17, so much earlier than we planned … and we couldn’t be more excited about it — especially with the theme!

As you may have heard already, this season is going to feature former cast members from Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race all coming back in a CBS reality showdown. It’s a great way to bring extra viewers to this program, and while we do think there are MANY omissions (especially from Big Brother), there are a lot of likable, fun characters worth discussing this year.

Below, you can get some quick judgments on all of the teams — we’ll do predictions maybe as we inch a little closer.


Corinne & Eliza – Even though they’ve never actually been on the same season of the show together, there’s something we really love about two of the most opinionated and interesting castaways in history pairing together and bringing (hopefully) a lot of entertainment.

Bret & Chris – We really love these guys too. Typically, friendships from Survivor don’t get a chance to blossom on another show (it’s typically showmances or bust), but this Millennials vs. Gen X duo feel like the bromance we all need in 2019.

Rupert & Laura – Obviously, Rupert is Survivor loyalty, and Laura now also does have a season under her belt. Don’t underestimate Rupert’s ability to potentially be recognized around the world — other than maybe Tyler Oakley he’s the most instantly-recognizable person in this cast.

Big Brother

Britney & Janelle – The Big Brother 14 duo is the team with the most comedic potential outside of Eliza & Corinne. We’re expecting great things in both the race-course and the confessional room. Also, this should compensate for Janelle leaving Big Brother 14 far too soon.

Rachel & Elissa – You can probably make the argument that Rachel Reilly’s had too many opportunities to win CBS reality shows in between multiple appearances on this show and also Big Brother, but are you going to deny that Rachel is anything other than entertainment platinum? We’ve never seen her and her sister Elissa together on the show so there is some fun mystery here.

Victor & Nicole – We’re a little shocked that this is the only other Big Brother team, and that Victor is the only Big Brother guy coming on board. Yet, we do at least like the guy and we haven’t actually seen these two as a couple of TV for an extended period of time.

Amazing Race

Art & JJ – Why are they back? They were okay the first go-around, but we can’t sit here and label a single iconic thing that happened with these two guys the first time that they were on the show.

Becca & Floyd – Team Fun is back! They are fun in the midst of this group especially, given that they are the only team of the group who met each other for the first time at the start of their season. Hopefully, this return means they’re still friends.

Colin & Christie – “My ox is broken” is the greatest line in Amazing Race history. How these two have not been on this show for a second time already is appalling. It’s been well over a decade, so maybe they’ve calmed a bit.

Leo & Jamal – We’ve seen the Afghanimals on two different seasons of this show already and we do like them. They’re fun, energetic, and while a bit hammy at times, it’s all good-spirited. They’ve also come close to the end twice.

Tyler & Korey – Of course, CBS wasn’t going to say no to the opportunity to get these two and their enormous internet followings back on the show. They’re also entertaining and good at the race. No complaints here.

Who are you rooting for the most on The Amazing Race 31 as we get a little closer to the premiere date? Be sure to share in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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