The Voice UK final: Was Molly Hocking or Deana the winner?

Voice UK

Entering tonight’s The Voice UK finale, we found ourselves genuinely confused as to who would win. Yet, we did still have a relative sense of who at least could win.

It really felt entering the finale like this was going to be Olly Murs’ year as a coach. He had two artists in Jimmy Balito and Molly Hocking who brought with them a lot of appealing qualities — which, in turn, are appealing reasons for the greater British public to give them the crown of champion at the very end of the night.

With Jimmy, you can look towards some of the amazing tone of his voice, or some of the grit or pain that he can put into most of the lyrics. Or, you can look to how relatable he was to much of the public with some of the difficult circumstances in his life and everything that he has gone through and experienced. We’ve thought for a while that he was the favorite to win the whole show, but the one thing that felt like it could hold him back tonight was his placement in the order. Jimmy was the first person on the night, and if anything, you want to sing last since that means you’re the last person the public will remember. It’s a unique, inherent advantage.

Speaking of which, Molly actually performed on the finale last, which is why we feel like she has been granted that ability to have people perhaps speculating and chatting about her tonight more so than anyone. She also was given the closing spot last week as well — we don’t want to ring any conspiracy alarms, but clearly it seems as though the producers of The Voice UK would be happy if she were to win. We don’t think any votes are gifted to anyone, though, so she had to make the most of the opportunities given to her if she wanted to be given the title of champ at the very end of this.

Through the performances we heard tonight, we don’t actually think that anything was made altogether clearer — other than that maybe Deana from Sir Tom Jones’ team had somewhat of a chance. She’s unique, and for whatever reason contestants from Liverpool do fare rather well on these sort of shows.

Ultimately, it was Molly and Deana who were named the two finalists tonight. These two came out, performed their winner’s singles, and the winner in the end was … Molly! Ironically, the one person who we didn’t have in our personal top 4 last week is the one who takes it home — but no doubt is she a fantastic singer and someone who could end up finding a nice spot for herself in the market.

What do you think about tonight’s The Voice UK final, and Molly ended up winning at the very end of it? Share now in the comments. (Photo: ITV.)

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