Should Lucifer season 4 try to avoid the Game of Thrones vortex?

LuciferThe Game of Thrones vortex is a thing, and it’s certainly one we imagine we’ll be talking about quite a bit of the next few days.

So what is it, exactly? We define it as this — the six-week period between when the HBO drama returns on Sunday, April 14 and when it ends on Sunday, May 19. It’s going to be hard to generate a lot of press around some other shows in that window, which is ironic given that this is when a ton of shows are going to be renewed, canceled, and there will be speculation aplenty about pilots and schedules. We could be looking at a situation where the majority of network shows find themselves completely swallowed up by just one massive, premium-cable dragon. It’s gotta be one of the strangest possible phenomena that we’ve seen in our years on the job.

We should make it clear: It’s not like NO other show can ever succeed within this frame of time in a million years. It’s just more of a challenge to get promotion when for these six weeks, outlets are going to be running Game of Thrones stories in just about every possible direction. Think in terms of theories, featurettes, interviews, and so much more.

Let’s get this now over to Luciferwhich is the primary subject of this article — though it may not seem that way given that we’ve just spent the past three paragraphs talking about a different show altogether. We feel fairly confident that season 4 will premiere on Netflix this May, and the #1 question you’re left to wonder as a result of that is simply when within that said month. Typically, Netflix launches their biggest new shows in America on Friday nights and that’s not a trend we see changing all that much. There are only two Fridays in May that are following the Game of Thrones series finale — May 24 and May 31.

If we had our preference between the two, we’d said that May 24 is best just because it would give viewers a chance to really dive in and enjoy this show over the three-day Memorial Day weekend. You could do it the following week, but it’s mostly apples and oranges and there’s no real reason to hold it back that much further.

Should Lucifer want to go against the Game of Thrones hype machine?

The biggest argument to do so is that you may be able to serve as counter-programming, since not everyone is going to watch Game of Thrones and even if they do, you’re talking one show a week. From a viewership standpoint, we don’t doubt for a second that people will figure it out. The bigger challenge is just if you’re going to be able to acquire new viewers those first few weeks of May, competing against Game of Thrones press, cancellations, renewals, and network TV finals. It’s a tough task for Netflix to take on, but maybe Netflix throws their hands in the air at most traditional press. Maybe they can promote enough via their own platform that nothing else matters.

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Game of Thrones is a concern for any show in late April/early May, but the thing about modern TV is that there seems to be room for almost everyone. What we want for Lucifer is plenty of that said room — especially to make sure new viewers find it and also that longtime ones have a way to recommend it to friends. Netflix has been at this for a while, so we have to feel fairly confident in whatever they decide.

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