SEAL Team season 2 episode 16 review: Ray continues to spiral

SEAL TeamTonight, SEAL Team season 2 episode 16 brought Bravo over the Philippines — but it didn’t bring Davis. She’s beginning some of her training, and because of that we actually had a story tonight that was a little larger in scope — as weird as that is to say given that every episode really seems so big in the first place.

Before talking about the mission, though, let’s focus on some personal lives! Ray started off tonight drinking whiskey at noon and of course, his family is worried. This is a guy losing his faith, struggling with the world around him, and wasn’t even down to baptize RJ. He ended up sending the pastor away and got into a fight over the surprise of it all. All she was trying to do was help and create an experience for their family and their faith, and it turned into something completely different.

After Davis’ goodbye party, Lisa and Sonny had a bit of time alone together and he used it to really show Lisa what she means to him. Sonny put together a very sweet present for her consisting of chocolates, boot shine and a burnt copy of An Officer and a Gentleman (pretty much the modern day equivalent of a mixtape). It’s Sonny’s way of saying he wants to be exclusive with her and Lisa is happy to says yes. Is Sonny really ready for this? We saw him on deployment and even Clay is noticing a difference saying that by now he’s normally already covered in glitter and women.

Throughout the episode, we saw Davis continue to undergo her training but continued to find herself suffering and struggling. Her body was giving out on her and because she was being treated as a leader, the expectations put on her were different than those put on just about everyone else.

Jason was having a hard time with this deployment because it’s the last night he and his daughter Emma will be under the same roof because by the time he’s home, she’ll be at school. She can’t get a loan for school because Jason makes too much money, but he doesn’t make enough to cover her. She’s clearly struggling with Jason being gone all the time and her having to run the house and try to get ready for school as well. She’s not able to get all the money together and she needs her dad’s help, but he’s hesitant cause he doesn’t want her to be in debt for 20 years with all to show for it is an art degree — she says she’ll figure it out without him.

Clay, meanwhile, asked Swanny to stay at his place after learning that he was living in his car.

As for the mission

At first, the team’s time in the Philippines looked as though it’d be the sort where nobody had to worry about anything too serious — which tends to be when all of the super-serious stuff happens. This shouldn’t have been anywhere near as serious as it was! However, what they ended up discovering along the way was a deadly, explosive situation — one that did leave Jason and some other members of the team a little bit worried about their long-term stability … especially with Ray. (For the record, Clay also deserves some recognition, perhaps not of the good kind, for being a little too desperate to constantly prove himself the hero.)

The episode tonight didn’t exactly end with Bravo coming back home — instead, it ended with unease over the team’s future in the Philippines and Ray lying to Jason about where he was going. Rather than heading towards a church, he went to a war and ordered a drink soon after. His spiral’s continuing, and with the presence of some dangerous factions in the country, things are primed to go from bad to worse.

CarterMatt Verdict

Can we just say how completely invested in Sonny and Davis we are? We are steadily sailing on this ship and it just keeps getting better every step of the way.

For those looking for happy times with the mission, though, look elsewhere — there’s a lot of dark stuff happening there and come next week, it could turn from smoke into a bonfire.

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