Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 20 video: What’s freaking the team out?

Hawaii Five-0Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 20, after a pretty substantial wait, is finally cruising over to CBS this Friday! What can you expect during it? Think along the lines of an episode that tells a rather-unusual story, one where a gun is a character almost as much as the cast.

What makes a singular gun so significant? As it turns out, it’s been linked to a solid 40 years of cases, includes one that Danny Williams has a personal tie to. Because some of these cases may be personal, it adds that extra layer of drama and stakes to the cause … plus, it may also be emotional for most of the people involved in a small-world sort of way.

Do you believe in fate, or is everything a mere coincidence? Given that Jerry is the show’s resident master of conspiracy theories, we feel like he’s going to be the person who has the most to say on the subject of one gun being so inter-connected — he certainly seems freaked-out about it judging from the end of this preview, and some of these reactions may spread and permeate through the rest of Five-0 as this episode progresses. We’re excited to see the writers take a look at all of the different people who have been impacted by this … and maybe it also brings the Task Force a little bit closer, not that they aren’t already a family and don’t care about each other enough as it is.

An episode like this is probably one of the luxuries that comes with doing a 25-episode season, largely because it gives you this golden opportunity to experiment a little bit and tell stories that are a little non-traditional in style and tone. While we firmly believe that this episode will bring you a lot of the same humor and action that you tend to see on all things Five-0, it’s rare that we have one where so many characters have a personal tie to a certain element of a case. Usually, at most it is one or two Task Force members who feel especially invested and then, as a result of that, we see everyone else do their part to try and rally around them in order to offer up a hearty dose of support.

Even if this episode isn’t a flashback episode per se, it could still have that sort of feel! Consider that the end result of getting so many stories from the past wedged in here — you’ll either get some exposition, some memories, or a reason to bring someone to justice. Maybe all of the above.

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Our suggestion at the moment is pretty clear: Head over to the link here, since that’s where you can get more intel on another upcoming episode a little bit later this season.

What do you want to see on Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 20? Be sure to sound off with your thoughts, hopes, and expectations now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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