‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5: Kurt Sutter brushes off drama on set

Is the creator of “Sons of Anarchy” even remotely concerned about some of the reports out there about conflict on his set? It doesn’t seem like it, though one of the main reasons for that may simply be that he already knows that all of this is being blown completely out of proportion.

So what did Kurt Sutter do after a story published by Deadline Thursday claimed that he and star Tommy Flanagan (Chibs) got into a shouting match while on set filming one of the final episodes of season 5? In a post on Twitter, Sutter actually linked to the website responsible for the story before saying that “we just call it creative discourse.” Translation? That there are arguments on sets all the time, and this is not really that big of a deal at the end of the day. Perhaps the best comparison comes via a coach yelling at a player during a football game, but then afterwards they are seen laughing and grabbing a beer together. There’s really not anything to worry about here; it’s just a case of extremely passionate people working on a show that contains so many intense emotions.

For us viewers, there’s certainly no question that this has been the most heart-wrenching season of “Sons of Anarchy” yet. We have already witnessed the tragic death of Opie, and there is sure to be even more heartache coming as SAMCRO starts going into business with Nero and also gets involved in what appears to be at the moment a war of attrition with Damon Pope.

Did you really think that there was any sort of serious drama really going on here at all when it comes to Sutter and Flanagan?

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