‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Who will see a big change in episode 5?

As anyone who sat through the end of Thursday night’s new episode of “Glee” (and was not drowning in their tears) knows already, the next episode of the show is tragically not going be airing until we roll around until we get all the way to Thursday, November 8. However, good things are worth waiting for … right?

We already saw in the first promo for the episode how we will see everything from the arrival of Ryder (Blake Jenner from “The Glee Project”) to some rather interesting stuff unfold with the “Grease” musical. What may be a bit more surprising, meanwhile, is seeing that we are going to be seeing a brand-new side to Becca Tobin’s character of Kitty, who to this point has been more or less cornered into being Quinn Fabray and Santana thrown together in a blender.

Speaking in a new interview with Wetpaint, the actress gave us just a little bit more of an indication as to what could be coming up for her soon:

“Episode 5, we’re working on it, it’s coming along and I’m very excited.  I think that that’s going to be when everybody gets to know Kitty. There’s a turning point for Kitty.”

So what does the word “turning point” mean for this character? Hopefully, we will be looking at a situation where we will start to understand a little bit better as to why she acts the way that she does. It’s either that or this marks the episode where she takes her mean streak to a whole new level by doing something truly awful. Thus far, Karofsky and Sebastian win the award for being the most frightening villains on “Glee,” even if they did eventually redeem themselves in one way or another. Will this happen again here?

Are you liking Kitty as a villain, or do you wish that her story just had a little bit more in the way of depth to it? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below!

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