Crime Dynamic Duos 2019: Hawaii Five-0 (Steve & Danny) vs. Bosch (Bosch & Jerry)

Welcome to CarterMatt’s Crime Dynamic Duos for 2019! We’re moving the annual tournament to April this year, mostly because we didn’t want to wait until later this summer to highlight some of the best that crime TV has to offer. The goal in this article series is pretty-darn simple: Recognizing some of the best crimefighters in all of television. The word “crimefighter” can at times have loose interpretation, but for the sake of this tournament we’re referring to it mostly as cops, lawyers, or investigators who do their best to take down some pretty-bad people and fight to save others.

In kicking things off today, we have a fun showdown between Steve & Danny of Hawaii Five-0 (who have performed rather well in this tournament in the past) alongside Bosch and Jerry of, you guessed it, BoschThese are shows with some fundamental differences, but there is one thing binding them together: The interest in taking bad guys down, and the ability of the writers to mix a number of different interesting stories into one complete package.

If you’ve been around for past editions of Crime Dynamic Duos, then you know a thing or two about how this works — at the bottom of this article is a poll to vote for who you want to see advance to the next round! One duo will, and at the end of the month, we’ll officially crown the champion in all of their glory.

How voting works – Vote however often you would like! (Technical instructions for multiple voting can be found right above the poll.) We will keep this poll open until Wednesday, April 10 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. The victor here is going to square off against either Bobby & Athena from 911 or Halstead & Upton from Chicago PD — either way, there’s some good potential for another worthy showdown very soon!

You can see the full bracket (including start dates for each individual round) in the graphic at the top of this article.

The competitors

Steve & Danny, Hawaii Five-0 (#1 seed) – Steve & Danny are the “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” of Crime Dynamic Duos. For the past two years, they’ve finished as runner-ups — first to Sharon & Andy of Major Crimes and last year to Lucifer and Chloe of Lucifer. This year, they’ve got an opportunity to change that narrative and claim victory atop the Crime Dynamic Duo throne — and they certainly have a lot going for them.

For starters, think about the relationship that the characters still have! We’d be rather hard-pressed to think about a pair who consistently bring more heart, humor, and passion to everything that they do. While we’ve seen them bicker with each other on many an occasion, we also know that they love each other and they’d be willing to go to battle (or give up a part of an organ) to each other if the situation called for it. They know what it means to make a sacrifice and what it means to push yourself and your partner to be better.

Bosch & Jerry, Bosch (#8 seed) – We have seen Bosch and Jerry go through it all over the years: They’re partners, they’re friends (really more like family!), and they’ve built a trust that not all partners in law enforcement have. That being said we have also seen them challenge each other in ways that no one else can, but at the end of the day there’s such a bond between them that even when we saw their relationship hit the skids, they found a way through it together and came out stronger on the other side.

Bosch season 5 is kicking off this month and we are excited to see what the show has in store for this dynamic duo! There’s a lot to love about these two.

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