‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: New sneak peek showcases Deb’s meltdown

We knew that one Debra Morgan was going to be in for some tough times on “Dexter” this season, but who knew that everything was going to be on the table so quickly? If you saw the season premiere, you already know that the secret is out that Deb is going to know more than just that he killed Travis Marshall, and she’s going to have to figure out what she wants to do about it.

In the video, you can get an idea of just how much this is impacting Deb and the way she lives her life. It doesn’t look like she is opting to turn in her brother just yet to the authorities, but there may also be a pretty major reason for that: she hasn’t been able to get herself put together enough just yet to even make that happen. This is basically a massive meltdown for Jennifer Carpenter’s character that happens outside, as she quickly starts to learn more and more about who her brother really is. She’s pretty much figured out that the blood slides make him the Bay Harbor Butcher, and he also does his part to tell her about the code and about how Harry ended up being the one who taught him this; though granted, he would have been better suited to mention that Harry did not create the monster, but that he rather tamed it to ensure the well-being for everyone around Dexter.

Once she puts herself together, Deb is going to have a decision to make: does she turn in her brother for some of his actions, or try to forgive him at least to the extent of not turning him in? This is going to be the situation to watch all year long, since there’s no guarantee that she will not change her mind even after she makes a decision.

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