Shadowhunters season 3 episode 16 review: Alec’s romantic move

ShadowhuntersTonight, Shadowhunters season 3 episode 16 delivered a story like no other — one of the most romantic stories of the series, in fact. How far will you go for the person you love? For Alec Lightwood, we already know some of that in the context of Magnus Bane — to the end of the earth and back. He loves him (like really and truly loves him) and would do everything he can for him.

Tonight, that included being there for him during one of the most difficult decisions of his entire life: Whether or not to shed his magical skin for the sake of protecting his future. As it turns out, Lorenzo Rey’s magic in his veins was a poison; it’s hurting him, hence why he collapsed at the end of this past episode. He was so desperate to have it back that he was willing to take a risk, but this risk has not paid out the big reward the way he thought. If he continues to covet magic, eventually he’s going to die. That is why Magnus (with the help of his great love) decided that he was better off sapping his magic out of his body and moving forward as a human.

Because of this, he may feel alone and without an identity, but Alec is desperate to do whatever he can to change that. This is why, at the end of the episode, he asked his mother for the family ring — he’s going to propose! Could a Shadowhunters wedding be happening before the end of this season? We can think of no better occasion or culmination of this loving, passionate relationship.

Also, we’re grateful for the idea of a Malec engagement — it helps to contain some of the darkness that existed elsewhere within this episode.

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How bad are things elsewhere?

Pretty bad — think along the lines of Cain betraying Clary and the rest of the Shadowhunters in their hopes to use the Mark against Lilith and Jonathan — and also to break Clary’s bond. Summoning Lilith was a last-ditch effort to ensure that the bond was broken, and it was most certainly a mess … though Lilith is awesome (albeit evil/awesome) and we appreciate getting her however much we possibly can on the show.

The good news is that Clary mustered up enough power to jettison Jonathan to a temporary prison, one where he can be bound and not hurt himself or anyone else. Because of that, he also cannot hurt Clary — a valuable piece of information. (How is going to eat? How is he going to use the restroom? Do these things matter to someone like Jonathan, who exists on his own plane? Interesting questions.) Jonathan seems to be trapped for now and with that, some of these characters can go back to their normal lives … or at least a short-lived normalcy that most Shadowhunters have. Clary’s next hope may be tracking down some Heavenly Fire — which, fittingly, is the title for episode 17.

The other good news is a little bit mixed — it’s worth a high-five or two that Luke is now out of prison. However, the circumstances are not ideal — we think that’s how to best classify having to work with the Praetor Lupus in that sort of way. We sense Luke will be a tad rebellious, but he also may not have that much of a choice.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Shadowhunters season 3 episode 16 delivered a story that was all about big, emotional moments — some good and some bad. We’re happy for the future of Alec and Magnus (provided, of course, that he says yes), and we’re a little more concerned about Clary (Jonathan is still technically around) and also Luke.

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