Gotham series finale teaser: Meet Cameron Monaghan’s ‘J’

GothamCameron Monaghan has been teasing for a while a third character he is playing on the final season of Gothamand we think that the new series-finale teaser below gives you a sense of both who they are and also precisely how creepy this character is.

So who is “J”? Well, he’s basically the show’s fully-formed version of the Joker even if the writers stop short of actually saying the name on-screen. (We understand that there’s been some hesitancy from DC Comics on having that happen.) We do hope that they get permission to do it even for just this one episode, given that having a real, genuine Joker on this show would be incredible. We want to see a wicked, conniving, and truly-awful person who wants nothing more than the destruction of the world around him.

Also, we don’t mind ambiguity. Maybe there are some out there who would like to know for sure that the man in the thumbnail below is actually Jeremiah, but that really doesn’t matter to us all that much. The only thing that really does matter to us is that this character inhabits many of the traits that you came to see in the comics. He absolutely does have the right, terrifying laugh, and the bald look actually plays a lot better in the teaser than it did in some previously-leaked photos. (It’s a little weird to see this version of the Joker without a full head of green hair), but we’ve never felt like Gotham was trying to mimic everything within that Batman comics anyway.

The Gotham series finale is airing at the end of the month, and all early indications suggest that the story will be jumping forward a solid ten or so years to when Bruce Wayne is actually wearing the famous cowl. There are already photos out there of the fully-formed Penguin and Riddler, though of course Fox is keeping their version of Batman under wraps for as long as they possibly can. We don’t actually think it’s going to look altogether different or surprising, but there’s no real point in surprising everyone with a glimpse of it now.

Also, isn’t there no better time in which to introduce this show’s version of the Joker than on April Fools’ Day? It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the ridiculousness of this character and show all of the chaos that he’ll conjure up in the city … even if we’re only going to see so much of him given that the series finale is only an hour long and there are a LOT of other villains that are going to need to be included in some shape or form.

Want some more news when it comes to the next Gotham?

Then be sure to head over to the link here! Prepare for that installment to be more or less the pinnacle of the story for Bane, who has been the recent Big Bad of sorts on the show.

What do you think about this look at “J” from the Gotham series finale? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter below, and check back soon to get some other news and discussion. (Photo: Fox.)

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