‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: What to expect in episode 4

We are back with another set of teasers from Sunday night’s new episode of “Downton Abbey,” and we can all but guarantee that there will be plenty of excitement … and surprises.

So what is going to happen? Based on some new information we have via our friends at Digital Spy, there are some twists and turns that we know are going to be coming our way soon. Although Bates has tried his hand at writing many a letter since being locked up, a scene involving Lady Edith and a letter is probably going to get the most attention. In addition to that, we are also going to be seeing another form of correspondence via Lady Sybil (think a phone call here) that is also going to be intriguing, and should get a few people talking.

As for some other surprises, who would have imagined that we would be seeing one of the show’s couples in trouble? As surprising as ti may be, though, it is definitely happening during this episode. We’re not saying that it is Matthew and Mary, but we will be seeing one of them get advice from another character on an unrelated matter: the finances of the Abbey.

Hopefully, in watching this episode we can see Edith land back on her feet a little bit after what we saw happen with Sir Anthony last week, and we’re also personally hoping that there will be an opportunity for us to see a little bit more when it comes to what transpires this week with Bates. Is anyone else ready to finally see this guy released from prison? The last thing we would want is to see him locked up behind closed doors for almost the entire year.

If you want to go back and watch a video for this episode, all you have to do is make sure you read the story over at the link here.

Photo: ITV

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