Blue Bloods season 9 episode 18 promo: Frank’s battle in ‘Rectify’

Blue Bloods season 9

With Blue Bloods season 9 episode 18 coming to CBS on Friday, the fine folks over at the network are handing out some long-awaited goodness — a new promo teeing up some of what’s coming!

This episode is one that, of course, has many components, but you can’t be surprised that we’re only getting a condensed, Frank-centric promo that runs for just about ten seconds. These are promos that CBS uses for bumpers during commercials breaks, and while it’d be great to have more, we’re happier to have some promotion than no promotion at all.

In this promo, you can see Frank doing some of what he does best: Fighting with other people within the greater NYPD ecosystem. What’s the cause for the discord this time around? Think in terms of a difficult, rigorous physical test that demonstrates an officer’s aptitude for being out in the field.  It’s not something that anyone obviously wants to think about when they get their gun and badge, especially since they’ve already undergone a lot of rigorous training at the Academy. Unfortunately, it’s like being an athlete in some senses — you’re paid in part for your physical ability and if that wanes over time, you’re going to find your career hindered because of that. Being in good shape isn’t the only component to being a good cop, but it’s a part of it. You gotta be able to chase someone down if the situation calls for it.

The idea of having officers in good shape feels like the sort of thing that most people should agree on. Yet, why is Frank getting some resistance? That’s a good question posed by the promo as Frank’s loyalty to the police is questioned. If he opts to force officers to undergo more routine physical tests, that doesn’t mean he wants to kick cops to the curb. Instead, it’s that he wants them to be safe. He wants them to remain healthy and to be able to effectively do their jobs. Otherwise, they’re a risk to themselves and others.

Expect a lot of Frank plotting, Frank butting heads, and all of the other sort of Frank stuff that this character is known for.

As for what else is coming…

As you can read up on over at the link here, this episode is going to feature Danny Reagan facing a cold-case crisis! He thinks he has an investigation that he wants to re-open, but he’s nervous about doing so because of who originally worked on it. Who could that be? Who could actually make him have a little pause? The obvious answer is someone else in his family, whether it be his father or even his late brother Joe. It’s not the easiest subject to bring up to your fellow family members at dinner.

What do you want to see coming up on Blue Bloods season 9 episode 18 when this story airs? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments, and stay tuned for some other news.

(Photo: CBS.)

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