Shadowhunters season 3 episode 16 video: Could Clary summon Lilith?

Shadowhunters season 3 spoilersEntering Shadowhunters season 3 episode 16, there’s one word to describe how Clary is feeling: Desperate. Actually, maybe we’ll lengthen that to two words: Very desperate. She is going to be intent on finding a way to break that cursed bond between her and Jonathan, really to the point where she will do whatever it takes in order to make it happen … even if it means summoning one of the most dangerous people out there in the world in Lilith.

In the sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below, Clary floats this oh-so-desperate idea to Jace while scrambling to think of ways to break down the cursed bond that exists between her and Jonathan — she feels it growing stronger and is afraid of the downward spiral that could be coming around the bend. The longer that she and Jonathan remain attached, the more difficult it is becoming for her to be able to get any distance from him. She’s finding herself struggling to maintain her free will, and this is really one of the most terrifying positions one can find themselves. This is certainly something that Jace himself should know a thing or two about after what happened with The Owl — maybe that is why he is so intent on helping her, beyond of course the fact that the two love each other and want to make sure the other is safe.

Summoning Lilith comes with clear disadvantages, with the number 1 problem being that she is incredibly powerful and could kill someone in the blink of an eye. But, if Clary feels like being linked with Jonathan is a fate worse than death, is there really a better option?

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Let’s be clear: From the standpoint of the characters on Shadowhunters, we hate that it’s come to this point with Lilith. Yet, we’re also going to be the first to admit that we love that Anna Hopkins is coming back given that she is one of the better villains we’ve had on this show. There’s just a sense of power about Lilith since she can’t exactly be killed via traditional means and she’s been around so much longer than many of the other characters in this world. She realizes that she can play the long game whereas other characters are left to scramble. Her return feels inevitable, whether it be in episode 16 or at some other point down the road, and the excitement will stem mostly from the reaction to seeing her and feeling her impact once more. Every fan should collectively buckle up for what’s going to be a fairly-intense ride over the next few weeks.

Given how desperate Lilith was to bring Jonathan into this world, what incentive is she going to have to help Clary? Trying to get to the bottom of that is one of the things we are the most curious about.

If you missed it…

We got some more news on Monday night’s new Shadowhunters now over at the link here. Be sure to check that out, and also let us know what you want to see in regards to Lilith and Clary in the comments. (Photo: Freeform.)

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