NBC’s ‘The Office’ review: Michelle Obama, ‘Game of Thrones’ get involved

For the final season of “The Office,” we are very much starting to see that the end is near. However, there is still a part of us that wishes that there were some happier ways for us to say farewell.

So what is one of the biggest issues we have with the show at this very moment? Ultimately, it’s that the Jim / Pam storyline feels so completely out of character. It doesn’t really matter that what Jim is doing is a career choice that could help him out; the fact that he didn’t tell Pam after he has been such a trustworthy guy over the years is weird. To make matters even worse, he kept it from her for so long that Nellie starting to badger Pam claiming that he was probably having an affair and trying to hide it. We just hope that this story gets wrapped up soon, mostly because we don’t like the idea of having to bring these two down simply so that we can lift them up again for the finale.

As for some of the other stories, they were at least funnier. The fact that Andy found out his relation to Michelle Obama gave him something to brag out , even if it really didn’t go anywhere at all. Then again, most stories these days don’t. What ever happened to David Wallace taking over? We were hoping to see more of him, mostly since at least there actually was work getting done the first time he was in charged. Slightly more funny was the random storyline involving Erin learning the Dothraki language from “Game of Thrones,” though we do not know how entertaining this really would be to anyone who does not actually watch the show.

Is the Jim storyline the biggest problem with this show in your mind, or do you think it’s nice to finally have some conflict between these two? If you want to see who is going to be coming on board the show later this season, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: NBC

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