Absentia season 2: Stana Katic teases new story, setting shift, & more

For everyone out there excited for Absentia season 2 to arrive in North America, consider this another reason to be pumped for it’s arrival! We have a new video interview featuring Stana Katic talking all about the drama, which is as intense as they come.

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If you look below, you can see a fun interview that Katic gave on The Morning Show during a publicity stop in Toronto — it’s one that features a few laughs as Katic talks about her character Emily Byrne’s romantic life and the dark sense of humor that sometimes carries through the show’s set in Bulgaria. (When you do a show this serious, you have to find some ways to lighten the mood!) There aren’t too many significant plot teasers in here beyond the aforementioned romantic-life tease — and also a better opportunity to make good use of the show’s filming locations in Europe. Through the entirety of season 1, we saw Absentia try to use Bulgaria to emulate Boston, and they may still be trying that in the early going this time around; however, Stana suggests that about midway through, you’ll the setting shift. What’s the reason for that? We’re not going to say too much here (why would we want to give good stuff away?), but we do think that this latest season will be full of twists and dark moments. It’s going to be exciting for the crew to potentially head out to locations and not have to pretend like it’s a completely different part of the world.

There are a couple of other interesting tidbits within this interview when it comes to the process of filming the show as well, including the physical nature of some of the scenes (season 1 had enough running for it be considered a marathon) as well as the relationship Katic formed with young actor Patrick McAuley, who plays the character of Flynn. Even though he’s young, he may have a better understanding of who Emily is than almost anyone else on the show. Maybe it’s just the inherent connection that exists between a mother and her son.

Our coverage plans for Absentia

As many of you are aware, we cover television based on where and when it airs in North America. That’s a little tricky for a show like Absentia, given that it airs at such different times in Canada and America — that’s rare these days.

What we’re going to be doing here at CarterMatt is covering the show’s arrival in Canada, where it will begin on Showcase starting Wednesday night. If you want to avoid spoilers until it arrives on Amazon in the US this June, that’s totally understandable! We’ll have spoiler warnings clearly marked in upcoming episode reviews to ensure that you don’t end up seeing any information unless you absolutely want to. We’re ready to dive into this season! Covering the once-weekly format should prove to be a unique experience after watching all of the first season over an extremely short period of time, but if you’ve been a long time reader of us then you know that we actually prefer this method of TV watching over binging.

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