Saturday Night Live preview: Sandra Oh – Tame Impala expectations

Saturday Night LiveThis weekend, Saturday Night Live is flying back on the air with another new episode, and it’s an exciting one — how can you say anything otherwise when Sandra Oh is hosting? The former Grey’s Anatomy cast member and Killing Eve star is coming aboard this ship at the best possible time, and that is when her comedy clout is stronger than ever. Just think in terms of what she brought to the table during the Golden Globes — we knew that she was funny even before that, but her time with Andy Samberg largely cemented her reputation as someone worthy of drawing laughs in an environment totally different from any viewers have seen her in before.

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The day after the Globes, we do feel like Sandra’s hosting gig here was cemented and it was really only a matter of finding the best time. With Killing Eve season 2 coming this spring, the timing could not be any more perfect. Could we actually see a spoof of the BBC America drama on the show tonight? It’s possible, but the three words that may end up stopping it are “BBC America drama.” The majority of viewers out there are not altogether familiar with Killing Eve and because of that, there’s probably going to be plenty of viewers of SNL who have neither seen nor heard of it before … but that hasn’t exactly stopped them from doing other stuff before.

We don’t actually foresee Oh’s show being the sort where you need to do a number of sketches referencing her career — just let her have some fun on stage and do a number of goofy, interesting things. We’d love it if there was a Samberg cameo wedged in there somewhere, but we don’t think it’s required that Sandra has to collaborate with Andy anytime that she’s doing anything related to live comedy. It’s okay to mix things up a little bit more than that! What we’re mostly hoping for in this episode is something that’s the right combination of being relevant in terms of pop culture and also just worthy of a few belly laughs at a time in which we need it. In today’s current news climate, the weeks where we don’t have new SNL episodes are the weeks that tend to drag, given that we don’t have a chance to see a great comedic spin on the news of the week.

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