Whiskey Cavalier season 1 episode 5 review: British accents makes everything better

Whiskey CavalierABC’s Whiskey Cavalier delivered so much sexual tension this week and it’s something that we’ve been excited to dive into. Reeling from their mission spent undercover as a married couple, Frankie and Will are trying suppress their feelings for one another and are avoiding each other and making snide comments.

This episode revolved around helping the British Intelligence agency MI6 in stopping a string of high profile robberies. The liaison for MI6 is Agent Emma Davies. A pretty agent who immediately takes a liking to Will. The charm she displays toward Will gets under Frankie’s skin clouding her opinion of Emma to the point where Frankie automatically believes she’s the mole who blew their cover. Will being Will, gives Emma his trust with no argument and also displays a liking for her. However, while the attraction is clear, Will tries to justify his feelings for Emma by saying he is just being nice.

The episode ended with a rather unusual, but refreshing twist. Will and Frankie admitted their feelings to each other which was really nice to see since a lot of shows like to play the “will they, won’t they” game that goes on for seasons. However, instead of the “let’s kiss now” resolution, the two came to agreement that their job prevents them from pursuing anything and they leave it at that. It was refreshing end to a common TV trope and it leaves the audience intrigued of what will happen next.

Meanwhile, Standish becomes traumatized after he cheats death. He tries to tell everyone he’s fine, but Will can sense he is struggling after he makes excuses about why he can’t join the team in the field. The journey Standish takes to overcome his fear is a great moment for the character.

The comedy from the hour hailed from Susan and Ray pranking Jai about his IQ. While the storyline shows Jai’s insecurities, it also showed that some of the group is starting to warm up to him.

Overall, ABC’s newest drama is shaping up to be an intriguing adventure that we look forward to.

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