Santa Clarita Diet season 4 renewal hopes: Will it return to Netflix?

Santa Clarita DietIs there a chance at a Santa Clarita Diet season 4 renewal at Netflix coming up in the future? Within this article, we definitely want to cast a focus on this subject — after all, this is one of the streaming provider’s funniest shows! If there is a program that we want to see for certain back on the service in the future, it’s absolutely this one.

What Santa Clarita Diet brings to the table more so than anything else is humor — constant humor. It’s one of the funniest shows on TV from start to finish, mostly because of its boldness to go there and just pack a lot of constant humor into just about every scene. It’s daring, it’s gory, and above all else, it’s fun. It finds a way to tell a story about family even though cannibalism is one of the central themes to the overall story.

For now, we also feel fairly confident that we’re going to be getting a season 4. While nothing is 100% confirmed at present, it’s really just tough to envision a scenario where the show gets canceled. Santa Clarita Diet is a near-constant warrior for Netflix, both in terms of viewership and buzz … or at least we like to think of it this way. There are really only two reasons for trepidation on the future.

1. Netflix doesn’t release any ratings info publicly – Because of that, there is a “take our word for it” sort of vibe that often comes with following this show. You don’t actually know at any given moment just how well it’s doing so, at least to a certain extent, you have to trust your gut and your instinct. This isn’t the sort of show that is going to ever draw some huge mountain of conversation for a long period of time, but it is one that we certainly think a lot of people will watch. Because its seasons are so short, you can really breeze through all of them over the course of a really long afternoon.

2. Netflix has become the TV executioner as of late – Because of the end of shows like One Day at a Time, Daredevil, Everything Sucks!, and many others, we’re not as optimistic about any show on the service as we once were. Netflix used to be the streaming provider who really gave their shows time to grow and improve, but that is simply not the case anymore. This doesn’t mean that the end will come for Santa Clarita Diet, but we’re certainly more aware of it than we ever were before.

How long could a show like this go?

Really, we don’t foresee Santa Clarita Diet being a show that has seven or eight seasons, mostly because it’s premise is so crazy and sooner or later, you’re going to run out of weird, violent stories for Joel and Sheila. Still, we think there’s enough material for another season or two where the momentum can keep going and the producers can keep bringing large doses of crazy.

Do you want to see a Santa Clarita Diet season 4 renewal happen? Be sure to share in the comments below. (Photo: Netflix.)

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