‘Grey’s Anatomy’ review: Mark Sloan’s final words

Since we already knew that Mark Sloan was going to die at the end of Thursday night’s new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” it was really strange to sit there and watch him slip in and out of a coma during this week’s episode. Even with that being said, though, most of the defining moments during this episode really came courtesy of him.

For example, it was his parting words to Julia that served as one final reminder that it was Lexie that he really loved in this world; and then, his warning to Jackson to tell April how he feels before it was too late led to a moment that was almost perfect for this new couple at the very end of the episode. Almost. Mark’s goodbye here had so many nice moments with all of the characters that it was captivating even throughout its multitude of sad moments.

As for some of the other characters this week, here is some of what we learned:

-Callie had promised Arizona that she would not amputate her leg, which means to us that she is going to have a rather enormous challenge moving forward when it comes to explaining this move to her since there really was no other choice.

-Cristina went through a series of fits over imagining the bodies of everyone at the crash site still around her, and in a strange way, this still brought her closer to Owen.

-Meredith actually was the most optimistic person this week, even though her sister had just died. Rather than leave Seattle for somewhere without so many sad memories, she decided to stay thanks to all of the happy times that she had there.

What was your favorite moment from this episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! If you want to read Shonda Rhimes’ obituary to Mark that she penned recently, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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