Station 19 season 2 episode 12 preview: Ben’s Medic One decision

Station 19Curious to know what’s next on Station 19 season 2 episode 12? Within “When It Rains, It Pours,” you’re going to have a chance to see a lot of drama. It’s hard to think of anything else when you see a title like this. There are a lot of various highs and lows a-coming, including some crises that could impact people personally. That could prove to be especially true for Vic, who may have to fight back some fears as she helps some people within a time of crisis.

Want some other insight on what’s ahead now? Then we suggest that you check out the full Station 19 season 2 episode 12 synopsis:

While struggling to help victims of a crash on a desolate road, Vic finds the courage to confront a difficult situation. Meanwhile, Ben prepares to go out for Medic One, causing some concern over his current Station 19 responsibilities, and Pruitt spends time with a special someone.

This episode may at various points have an intimate feel, and that may be indicative of what specific rescues are like. There are obviously the ones that are big and in front of a lot of people, but there are also the ones where you get to learn more about the people being saved … and then also the savior. Context is key sometimes, and maybe the context of this episode for Vic is that she sees herself, or her past, in whatever she has going on with her rescue.

As for the Ben storyline…

Doesn’t it make a certain degree of sense for him to move in this direction? Think about everything that he’s done both as a First Responder and a doctor; he feels like he’s got qualifications that are absolutely perfect for this. Yet, in the end it still feels like the #1 thing that is true about Ben is that he doesn’t quite know what he wants out of his career. He clearly knows that he wants to feel useful, but there is a whole lot more to life than just that. He’s gotta find a place and then from there, carve out room to stay awhile.

Hopefully, no matter what happens with him will still lead to him sticking around Station 19 and not going anywhere else. He was a great entry point into the universe in the first place and we’re very much enjoying learning about other people through him. He’s that stable element that got us excited about the series from the get-go.

For some other news on Station 19…

We suggest that you head over to the link here! We’ll have more scoop coming up on the show once it’s out there. We’re still waiting for a season 3 renewal of Station 19 and, for now, we remain hopeful that there will be some happy news coming up down the line. (By the time May rolls around, that news will hopefully be out there.)

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