Big Brother Canada 7: Double Eviction episode updates!

Big Brother Canada 7For everyone out there looking for some reaction/discussion on the Big Brother Canada 7 Double Eviction episode, consider this your home! We’re going to update this article throughout, which only seems appropriate given that this is one of the bigger, crazier episodes of the year. (Technically the Triple Eviction is crazier, but not crazy in a good way.)

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We knew going into this episode that we were going to see things starting off with a crawl. After all, Chelsea’s eviction seemed secure entering the episode, pending some sort of enormous jaw-dropper. Why would anyone keep her? She’s a competition threat; meanwhile, Kyra has shown to have very little competency in that and doesn’t exactly have many allies … other than Chelsea, anyway.

Perhaps the most important segment leading up to the eviction was not Chelsea campaigning for her life in the game. Instead, it was Mark proclaiming that he is ready to start making moves, including taking out some members of the Pretty Boys … especially Dane, who he thinks will absolutely win this game if the opportunity presents itself.

As for Kyra finding out about a possible hand-signal for a Dane / Adam alliance, it’s intriguing … but it’s hard to feel altogether secure that they’re going to know what to do with it.

In the end, Chelsea’s eviction was unanimous — shocker. She was the bigger threat of the two, and at least Kyra was aware in their goodbye message that Chelsea’s feelings for them weren’t quite as powerful as their feelings for her.

The new Head of Household is…

Adam. Well, that’s not great for the sake of craziness in this game, now is it? He won a Q&A competition, otherwise known as the sort underdogs have a real shot at. Soon after, he nominated Eddie alongside Kiera. Kiera was probably the bigger threat of the two right now, just because she’s got an ally in Estefania and could pull away Dane.

The Veto winner

Kiera won the PoV! This was basically about competing a super-cool maze in the shortest span of time possible — another pretty balanced competition that gave everyone a good chance. While Eddie probably would’ve been evicted over Kiera anyway, she got herself safety anyway. Kyra was the replacement nominee, but they were mostly just a pawn. The vote to eliminate Eddie was unanimous … ugh. He just seems like a good kid and doesn’t deserve that sort of sadness. We just give kudos to Arisa for keeping it together and trying to maintain some hype for a Double Eviction that felt a little bit like a flat balloon.

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