Outlander season 5: Richard Rankin talks photography, filming

Roger and Bree
With Outlander season 5 getting underway in Scotland, these are exciting times! It’s a chance to actually talk about what is rather than what will be when it comes to this show and some of the characters who inhabit it. There’s a tremendous amount to be excited about story-wise, especially when you think about Richard Rankin and his character of Roger.

We don’t think that we really have to flashback all that much to give you a good sense of what happened at the end of season 4 — he and Brianna are now reunited! Their story now becomes less about trying to find each other and instead, trying to live and love together. For the first time really in their entire lives, there are no other plans that lie before them. They don’t live in separate parts of the world and there is no overarching mission holding the two of them back. They have a chance now to build a foundation, though the funny thing is that because they’ve spent so much time apart, they may not even know where to lay the first bricks. Expect a building process, and also expect some trial and error. They’re not only learning how to be a proper couple, but they’re learning how to be parents! Basically, they are taking on multiple, exciting roles all at the same time.

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Obviously, Richard’s got a great deal to be thrilled about, and he discusses that in the video below (via Fox News) while promoting the photography Exhibition His Mind’s Eye that took place a little bit earlier this week. (We’ve heard some great things about it online from some of the people in attendance! Rankin discusses at the end of the video his excitement for what’s ahead, noting that he’s got a general outline of what’s to come and that production is already underway. There are many cast members who are already present in Scotland and even before many of them showed up, there was a variety of other work done. Think in terms of set building, location scouting, and the other finer details that are worked out so when the actors arrive, they’re doing so on a set that is already constructed full of people who are ready and willing to get to work and make this show as great as humanly possible.

Beyond Outlander itself, this is where we take a moment and marvel about how many super-talented people there are working on this show behind the scenes. In addition to Rankin’s photography, executive producer Matthew B. Roberts is also skilled in the art form and we know that many other cast members excel in everything from dance to theater work to, in the case of Sam Heughan, fitness and marathon-running. The fact that there are so many pursuits within this world beyond just television acting only adds to the bold tapestry and the sense of community on-set.

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