Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 6 review: The first merge boot

Edge of Extinction

Tonight, Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 6 kicked off with a bang — the announcement of the merge! It’s a huge moment in the season … but it’s also a really different sort of merge. After all, moments after Jeff Probst made that announcement, he dropped the hammer that someone would be re-entering the game! He brought in the players, and of course, one person said “I knew it.” (Reality TV pet peeve — why do people always say that? Nobody knew it for sure!)

What the Edge of Extinction players had to do tonight was really simple: Complete a challenge. Chris had an advantage, but also a disadvantage because of what they found out there. Chris actually did start off with the lead, but there was no guarantee of anything. Aubry actually was the first person to get her key and move on past the second round — sometimes, being a returning player is as good of an advantage as anything out on Extinction.

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By the time people really started to make it to the final stage of this challenge, it was intense. Everyone was in it and everyone was fighting — especially Wendy and Rick Devens! Wendy was so close to making it in there, and then Chris followed her up. In the end, it was Devens who made it back to the game … but the twist was not over. The Edge of Extinction twist is going to continue, and more people are going to have a chance to win their way back. As it turns out, though, everyone is going to have another chance! All of these people are going to stick around in the game for a little bit longer, which means that Reem, despite being voted out on day 3, is still eligible to win.

Congrats to Rick! He is one of our favorite players personality-wise of the entire season. Unfortunately, he’s going to be in a tight spot now given that he’s the easy target. He’s the scapegoat and Kelley knew that. This is why, soon after the merge, she went to Joe and singled out Rick and David Wright as the big-time targets shortly after getting there. The problem is that Kelley and Lauren told Julie immediately that they wanted Rick out, and Julie had already bonded with the guy.

There was still a small silver lining for Rick — he has an immunity idol! The problem is that he can’t play it this episode, and he needs to split it with someone. He chose David, and if the two can make it one more week, they’ve got a little more power in their lap. (We wonder if this idol would be happening if Aubry made it to the merge with hers.)

The scramble begins

After we saw Julia win the first immunity, things were NUTS back at camp. The former Lesu tribe (or at least Kelley, Wardog, and Lauren) wanted to get rid of Rick. Meanwhile, a number of former Kama members wanted out Kelley — then, Ron started to feel nervous about Joe’s attitude and he was ready to get him out. Really, there were four different possible options in Rick, David (the result of a split vote), Joe, and then also Kelley. Joe’s the smartest vote since he can just win his way to the very end and is super-likable. Kelley also had an idol, and that’s another layer of intrigue to consider.

Actual eliminations

After losing at Edge of Extinction and heading back to that beach, Keith and Wendy decided that they had enough — they’re officially the first two people out of the running. We don’t blame them, but we are curious to see how long everyone else can last.

Going into Tribal Council, it was hard to get a clear read on where some of these people stood! Our feeling was that Kelley would plan an idol (she’s perceptive enough to do that), but that Joe would get enough votes to go home.

The actual votes

Kelley didn’t play her idol! Yet, things still got a little bit crazy. Kelley tried her plan to split the votes on David and Rick, but the Kama alliance went after Joey Amazing and got precisely what they want. He knew it was a possibility, but there was really nothing that he could do about it.

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