Chicago Med season 4 episode 18 preview: ‘Tell Me the Truth’

Chicago MedCurious about the story of Chicago Med season 4 episode 18? Let’s say that it starts things off with one thing: An emergency. Shocker — Chicago Med is going to feature a difficult situation. What makes this one a little bit different is that it’s going to focus on something possibly outside the hospital, or at least outside of the operating room for one Dr. Connor Rhodes. We’re ready for a Colin Donnell showcase! We know that we are; also, we want to see him take on some material that’s a little bit different than anything that we’ve seen to date. (We’ve always judged Dr. Rhodes storylines on a scale of whether or not it’s crazier than the time he operated on the panda.)

So while Dr. Rhodes finds himself in a precarious spot during “Tell Me the Truth,” you’re going to see Dr. Halstead come across a most-bizarre flashback of his own within this episode. For some more news all about that, be sure to check out the official Chicago Med season 4 episode 18 synopsis below:

04/03/2019 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Wednesday) : Dr. Rhodes receives an alarming phone call that prompts him to rush out in the middle of an important surgery. Dr. Halstead comes to the aid of an FBI agent who is brought into the ER, but he suspects there is more to the story than he is being told. Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi find themselves on opposite sides of a major disagreement over doctor-patient confidentiality. TV-14

Anytime that you combine the words “Will Halstead” and “FBI” in the same sentence these days, there is a reasonably good chance that you’re going to send a chill down someone’s spine. Why do you gotta send us in a tailspin again? This is the sort of situation that could easily cause him to relive some of his worst memories from the past year or so, even if it doesn’t appear as though this is going to be a case that actually sends him outside of the hospital (thank goodness).

As for what’s happening elsewhere, we don’t actually get to see TOO many stories that feature Dr. Choi and Dr. Manning in conflict with each other — from the standpoint of mixing things up, isn’t this exciting? We can’t consider the two unstable elements, given that we’ve seen them before, but the two of them working together are sort of akin to the really tasty menu item that you get every now and then, but not too often so that you miss it in the brief periods of time in which you don’t get it. We are beyond stoked to see what’s coming … so long as they do resolve their differences at the end.

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