The Big Bang Theory breaks another record close to series finale

Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 19Before it officially signs off for the series, The Big Bang Theory is apparently intent on shattering at least a few more records — and we’ve got some more proof of that very thing below.

In a post on her official Instagram, Kaley Cuoco confirmed that the CBS series has officially just passed Cheers, and is now officially the longest-running multi-camera sitcom of all time! 276 episodes is a long time in which to tell a story but this cast and crew has managed to find a way in which for it to happen. It wasn’t anywhere close to topping The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet for the longest sitcom (regardless of camera style) of all time, but that’s probably not a record that anyone is going to be altogether close to touching for some time. That show did 400 episodes, and is also aided by the fact that it aired during an era in which many shows were regularly producing more than 35 episodes a season. The fact that The Big Bang Theory is still doing 24 is impressive, especially when you consider that more and more shows are scaling their total number of stories a year back, as opposed to trying to find a way to push and do more.

Do we think that this is a record that is going to stand for Cuoco and the rest of the cast for some time? Probably — it’s hard to really imagine any other show finding a way to swoop in and topple it! Just think about it for a moment — there aren’t too many other mega-sitcoms out there anymore. The Big Bang Theory is really the last of what feels like a dying breed. In this world where comedies are having a harder and harder time — humor is so subjective, after all — no one show seems capable of bringing in so many different viewers from all walks of life. TV is becoming so segmented, with everyone retreating off to different corners to find ideas and shows that are personally appealing to them. The segmentation of TV is probably why there will almost always be conversation about doing some sort of spin-off here — even if it doesn’t ever happen, the rumor mill will just keep churning regardless.

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Filming for the series finale will be coming up before long, and we already feel like tickets for that final outing are going to be akin almost to the Super Bowl — except the demand here could be even greater, especially since seating is so much more limited.

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