‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 spoilers: Marshall and Lily take center stage

Thus far this season on “How I Met Your Mother,” Marshall and Lily as new parents has really just been accessories for what are really the more glamorous storylines, whether it bed Ted getting a step closer to answering the infamous “who is the mother?” question or Barney and Quinn breaking up. It’s possible that this was a move by producers to assure viewers that life was not going to change for the gang that much, and that really looks to be the case.

Now that we have been eased into the idea of a baby, the show is going to be running with it a bit more for Monday night’s new episode “Nannies.” The sneak peek below (via SpoilerTV) shows off what is a pretty simple interaction between our two parents, as they trade off the time in which they each spend with the child so that the other person can take a break and have a little bit of fun. The twist here? Lily seems to be skating around the rules when it comes to who is responsible for “cleaning up” after the child, and is leaving some of the messy parts to her husband rather than taking care of some of them herself.

Is this really going to cause much tension in the couple’s relationship? Probably not at first, but over time, we sense the two of them either being forced to hire someone to help watch the child (hence the title), or find a way to adjust their social lives so that they can still go to McLaren’s while at the same time being good parents.

Do you think that “How I Met Your Mother” has handled the “curse” that typically comes with children entering the picture?

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